Friday, November 9, 2012

You were added a year to Twenty-Nine,
as You bring more joy to this lover* you call “Mine.”
If a man should grow old fruitful and love-filled, (indeed)
I am the one** that you have married.

You turn shadows into colors,
Your wisdom dries the worry of tomorrows,
If a spouse is counted friendship-wealthy,
I am best-qualified because you are my Lady.

You nurture motherhood by grace-bound faith,
Your dedication to our child***, who can equate?!
If a father can raise godly children,
I am a proud teammate of their godly mother.

You warm my heart with your persistent loving,
Your commitment to God beautifies your aging.
If a husband is called blessed for his wife,
I am in daily encounter with blessedness**** my whole life.

You make my heart write its gratitude into feasting endlessness, for
Your life resembles the most beautiful of a woman's essences.
If a day is annually named "November Tenth,"
I am always praising our God to a highest extent.

Happy Birthday, my Honey! Thank you for the very sweet and wonderful life that you are sharing with me. If there is a man who married the most beautiful woman who ever lived, I am that man. #forever #forlove #forChrist

*Rejoice Credo Lagat-Supsup
**the writer
*** our firstborn son (Zion Isaac)
**** the writer again
***** the lifelong husband-state of the writer

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